it’s time.

Ok, Sparkles – I haven’t worn a watch since high school, but lately they have been speaking to me…loudly! It’s really just another accessory after all! And I’m totally swooning of Kate Spade’s debut collection…Kate always gets it right. Here’s a few of my faves! Probably no surprises here…and I love that that little pink one says “tickled pink” on the inside. Way to make us feel adorable, Kate!

If I had to choose, I would go with the Gramercy Grand…big, gold and classic. Love anything oversized…but that confetti bangle is pretty darn cute too!

All images via Kate Spade

One thought on “it’s time.

  1. holding Halle in his arms was the greatest fenileg ever, she was so tender and sweet, i wish i could have been there too! How did you ever think of the wedding veil and tiara? It’s really gorgeous! Hope to see you all soon! Much Love, Ron and Miranda XOXoo

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