hello, my name is.

Well, in light of last week’s post, I have decided that I do need some small way of defining myself during this journey…or at least a way for people to contact me! Enter the calling card – a gal on a journey’s best friend. I realized that if I was going to be outgoing and meeting up with people who inspire me, I would want a way for them to remember me or at least get in touch with me…and I’m pretty sure that my best foot forward right now is some combination of my resume and this here blog…so, let’s just call it as it is…call me a blogger and call me sparkles!

via sparkles

I had no idea how easy making business cards would be…especially in a time crunch! I had a few things coming up and needed something, ANYTHING to have at the ready…FedEx to the rescue! I went online, followed a few simple (and I mean, simple!) steps here. I chose to do a custom design and just used Microsoft Word and played around with some fonts to get the look I was going for! I love fonts…bordering on a slight obsession, but they really can make all the difference in the world – I frequently check here, here and especially here for new types! After I got to a design I liked  – which literally took 5 minutes –  I finished the order and voila! Pretty enough for now calling cards!

Of course, once Sparkles really takes off, we’ll do it up right – my gal and stylish working girl guru Vanesa Rey just posted some amazing calling card options here  (those FancySchmanzy ones are calling my name!)…but I sort of love the simplicity of these FedEx gems for now while we’re at a place where the possibilities for Sparkles (and I guess for myself) are endless. A little bit retro, totally to the point and a dose of pink…kind of me in a nutshell right now!

Tell me what you think!

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