let the games begin.

Hi Sparkles! How were your weekends? As you know, we kicked off the Olympic games with a little party for our nearest and dearest…a “come as your favorite nation” opening ceremony party! Knowing it was going to be a Friday night and a running home from work without much time to prep kind of situation, I knew I wanted to make it as easy as possible and without too many bells and whistles…but you know, I snuck a few in there.

I’ll be the first to admit, food is not my forte, and Trader Joe’s has become my go-to because they have such party ready choices at your finger tips. We ordered pizza and sprinkled our food table with classics – popcorn, chips and guacamole, meats and cheeses, hummus and carrots and my new party favorite…bite size tacos…big, big hit. I laid out a white table cloth…I try to always add a little kick to the white to give the table a bit of dimension…so this time I put kraft wrapping paper on top of it which I wrote on with a marker to note all the different choices. I usually type up food labels, but I thought this would be a cute, laid back change of pace.

Now for my favorite part…maybe my most favorite crafting project to date! I was trying to come up with an easy but spirited way to decorate knowing I had limited time to pull this together. I’m always a huge fan of big, oversized decor items – I think they have the greatest impact and they create a focal point…and it usually means you don’t have to do much else! So in honor of the games…I spray painted hula hoops…in gold, obviously…which we mounted in the shape of the Olympic rings! Yes, that’s right! SO EASY. We just threw in some mini flags from Oriental Trading Company…and of course some medals for the best costumes and there you go!



Tell me what you think!

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